Care and Feeding

I have a cold with a runny nose and a stuffy head,achy bones and tired body. Just home from work, I’m going to have hot soup with crackers, hot tea with lemon and a hot bath with bubbles. Then I’m off to bed.

This is not how I would have treated myself, when sick, back in the days of the eating order,

I remember suffering a raging stomach flu when I was anorexic. I also remember eating mass quantities of raw vegetables, because that’s all I ate. And I so looked forward to those veggies. It didn’t matter that my stomach revolted. Trust me, raw broccoli is of no help to a stomach virus. But eat it I did. In mass quantities.

When I was bulimic and had a root canal, I still made myself throw up all night. That’s what I did, no matter what. I binged until i couldn’t move, and then purged until I felt empty – root canal or no root canal.

What a miracle, and I don’t take it lightly, that I can take normal, nice care of myself.. I never thought it would be possible and easy. But it is.


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