Naked and Powerful?

Beyonce announced her pregnancy wearing a bra and and panties. Sometimes it seems like famous women don’t want to wear clothes. Did anyone see the Golden Globe awards – so many women chose to sport necklines slashed to their waists (see Jessica Biel, Mandy Moore, Kristen Bell, among others.) At the SAG awards, I feared for Viola Davis – one big breath and her girls were destined to tumble out. Such an extraordinarily brilliant mature actress popping out all over.

Why does female formal wear involve nudity, while the men are covered from neck to shoe?

I don’t think naked and powerful go together – It’s hard to be taken seriously when your boobs are showing.


One thought on “Naked and Powerful?

  1. I really don’t pay attention to celebrity stuff anymore and it’s been good for me. It’s just not something I can get my head around. Just can’t wait for Beyonce to post her “after baby body” shots a month after popping out two new humans. Hah, nope, no thanks.

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