Heeding the Body

Some weeks seem longer than others. Some days are surely endless. Sometimes, lately, sleep is fleeting. I haven’t been an insomniac in many years, but suddenly it’s cropping up again.

I wake up after an hour – sweating, throwing off covers, shutting off heat and opening windows. Me, the coldest woman on earth, or any planet frankly, is going through menopause. I can’t get comfortable or get back to sleep.

I feel sorry for my cat. She grew up in a hot, hot home. Winters are toasty, no matter the cost. (I save in the summer – haven’t turned on my air conditioner since I moved in to this apartment years ago. Even the cat hates it.)

Now in the dead of winter, I turn off the heat and stand near the window. My cat, nearly shivering, huddles under the covers. When I realize her chill, i turn on a little heater for her and she bathes in front of it for the rest of the night. That’s how I used to be.

But things change. And now I’m hot. And very tired. Over the years, I’ve learned to give my body what it needs – I eat when I’m hungry, reach out when I’m lonely and sleep when I’m weary.

Can’t wait to get home to bed. And my chilly little cat.


One thought on “Heeding the Body

  1. Just throwing this out there, but your recent intake increase might have revved up your metabolism, further adding to the “fun” hot flashes that come along w/ menopause. I feel for ya. While I’m not going through it, I’m dreading it because I’ve been overheating the last 2 years. I thought I was going to die last summer, being back in the Chicago area after 16 years. So hot, so humid! I had no ability to cool down. It was miserable. 😦

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