Snow Days, Food, New Thinking

Snow days used to terrify me. Just me and my refrigerator – trapped in my house. Although I’d try to stave if off, I’d be sure to give in and binge all day. Scared of a refrigerator – what a strange life.

Yesterday, it snowed hard and I got off work early. I had a lot to do and focused on that. I planned to clean the house, organize my books, and defrost my refrigerator. However, I first decided to take a small nap with my delightfully snuggly cat. Several hours later, we both woke up, so cozy and peaceful. And we both woke up hungry. In the old days, I was either staaaarving or stuffed, never a nice normal hungry.

These days, I lead a very simple, very nice life. I have family, friends, a job, an inexpensive little apartment, and the best kitty in the whole wide world đŸ™‚

I used to think I had the worst life EVER. Poor me, poor me. I gave myself a billion reasons why I should binge. But they weren’t true at all.

Shifting my thinking is key. More on that in my next post. But for now – last night, I had a lovely dinner, read a good book in a bubble bath, watched some TV and went back to sleep. A good life, indeed!


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