To Gain or not to Gain

The extra weight is still here. I think some part of me, almost secretly I perhaps, expected it to drop off. I’d been the same weight for over ten years, eating pretty much the same way as I do now.

I’ve been fine, as you know, with the extra pounds, and don’t mind if they stay; however, I wasn’t expecting them to. I keep looking at the jeans I’d worn for years, waiting to fit back into them.

It’s not happening.

I have also come to realize that left to my own devices, the weight will continue to creep up – that’s what it’s been doing. And so, I now have to decide if that’s still okay.

The jury’s out – on the one hand, I really don’t want to deal with cutting back and eating less, in order to stop gaining. On the other hand, I don’t feel like gaining more weight – it starts to get uncomfortable. Ten pounds feels like quite enough physically.

I don’t have any answer yet. Stay tuned…


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