Working with Others

Have you heard the phrase, ‘God helps those who help themselves’? My friend always says, ‘God helps those who help others.’

I agree. For me, working with people with any kind of disordered eating offers the greatest reward I can ever imagine. When I see someone rise from the shame, self-hatred and misery of food and weight obsession, I can’t picture anything better.

The first 40 years of my life would be nothing but waste if they had no use. I was sad and lonely, depressed and angry. And ALL I did was think about my weight and food, alcohol and drugs. I didn’t find love or build a career or take care of myself financially. My (small)life revolved around my addictions. I threw away opportunity after opportunity, just so I could sit home with some substance.

They were awful decades. But because of them, I can help someone else, and then those 40 horrible, miserable years have purpose.

I actually love being uniquely qualified to help – after all, I intimately know compulsive eating, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism and drug addition. When I meet a compulsive eater who happens to mention she gained 100 pounds when she put down heroin, I see her eyes light up when i tell her I’m a drug addict too.

I wish I had a way to help more people – in a dream world, it’s how I’d spend almost all of my time. Now there’s a goal I can be proud of!


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