At the Doctors (and a little on the scale)

Last weekend, I took my beloved kitty, Rebecca to the vet. Rebecca and I LOVE her vet. Dr. V. is kind, caring, smart, helpful and just simply, the best. Throughout the exam, Dr. V. petted Rebecca and told her how beautiful she is. We had a good long chat about Rebecca’s well being.

Early on, when Rebecca was little, she had a chronic problem with her eyes. Dr. V. would call me weekly and chat at length about how Rebecca was doing! And bear in mind, Dr. V. works at a very busy practice and sees tons of patients every day.

Thursday, I went to the doctor. My gynecologist of many years retired two years ago. Last year, I went to a new doctor, and then she left the practice. So, off I went to a new doctor, well-recommended by a few friends. Dr. M clearly knew her stuff, but she was also kind of cold, hurried and not a great listener.

For my perimenopausal issues, she said I needed an endometrial biopsy which she said would be uncomfortable. Luckily (I guess that’s the right word?) for me, I’ve had one before and so have several of my friends. We have all discussed that it is PAINFUL, but no one forewarns you.

So, I said to Dr. M, ‘Wait, this HURTS, right’? And she said distractedly, ‘Yes, it can hurt’. Ok

Well, it REALLY hurt. Then she mentioned that there would be cramping and probably some blood for the rest of the night. Oh. (She was right.) She also made me lay down for a while after so I wouldn’t faint, because evidently that does happen after the procedure.

Then she told me I needed a sonogram and blood work and to find a place that takes my insurance. Once she had all the results, we should meet again.

Oh and one more thing, my blood pressure (for the first time ever) was high. I should go check that out again. (Where?!!!) And then – Bye, Bye.

(This is just a side bar for animal lovers. When Rebecca’s eyes were really bad, she had to get special medicine from a special pharmacist who did compounding. He, Greg, also called me regularly to see how she was doing. Then he would call Dr. V to report in.

Once, Dr. V. cornered an animal eye specialist at a conference to ask about Rebecca. She wanted to get all the information she could so she could treat Rebecca herself. Dr. V. wanted to save me the expensive fees of a specialist.)

Back to my own doctor’s visit and a note on the scale. I started this blog in October, after a visit to the doctor where I proudly (bravely) stepped on the scale with my clothes and shoes on. And yes, even with all the bulk, I was able to tell I’d gained at least 7 or so pounds. But so be it.

When I went back Thursday, I knew I’d see even a few more pound. And I was right, but off I went to the exam room, without a care.

I thought that’s what this post would be about – my ease with weight gain. But it wasn’t, was it.

To sum up, Rebecca (whose eyes are now perfect) is a blessed little kitty. Since we both first met Dr. V. four years ago, I have said that if I ever get really sick, I’m going to Dr. V.


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