More on the Stupid Things People Say

A friend and I were sitting outside the hospital after an OA meeting, talking about Step work.

A woman walked by and saw our 12 Step literature and said, “oh is there an AA meeting here too?”

We told her that no, we were coming from an OA meeting. I figured that she was coming from the NA meeting that follows ours. She just had that drug addicty look.

Disclaimer; I am a drug addict in recovery. I don’t mean it in a negative way – she just had that look.

The woman went and sat on the bench next to ours and kept interrupting us while we were working. She shared that she was in NA and all sorts of other information.

Then she said, “you two don’t look like you belong in OA. I never would have guessed. I accidentally walked into that meeting once and obviously, I didn’t belong”. (Right, not too many compulsive eaters have that ‘heroin chic’ look.)

And she kept going on an on about how we didn’t look like we needed OA, whatever that means. Of course, I prayed for her. Clearly, she was still troubled.

Obviously, we didn’t look like OA attendees to her because neither of us is fat. But it seems like most people, even those in some kind of recovery, have an opinion about other people’s weight and what that means. If you are thin, you don’t have a problem. WRONG!!!!! Either one of us could have been severely bulimic or could have starved off a hundred pounds and was exhibiting anorexic like behaviors. Or……….any number of issues.

Sadly, she really thought she was complimenting us.

The last time she said, ‘you two really don’t look like you belong in an OA meeting’, I bit down on my tongue soooo hard to keep from saying,

“But you sure look like you belong in NA”!!!!!!!!

I’m very proud of myself.

One more disclaimer, I usually don’t refer to specific 12 Step fellowships by name, but in this case, it seemed sort of necessary. Hope i didn’t offend.


2 thoughts on “More on the Stupid Things People Say

  1. Unfortunately the misconception is pervasive. I’m a size 10 by binging followed by periods of not eating. Clearly I’ve got issues. Looks can be deceiving.


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