Making Weight; Athletes

I found a great blog, umbrellaadventures, which talks about the author’s years as an athlete and the hardcore pressure to lose weight and lose weight and lose weight. All that heavy handed and not so kind pressure lead her to discover bulimia as a diet tool, something she continues to deal with years later.

I’ve always worried about athletes. (First as a young child when watching the Olympics and hearing that the East German women were given male hormones. This terrified me. Would they turn into men, my young self wondered? Gruesome.)

I still worry about tiny teen-aged gymnasts. I’m not an expert, but it seems that their growth is stunted somewhow, and I’ve read that their periods are delayed. That’s pretty unhealthy and actually sounds dangerous.

I worry that our female athletes are starved, forced to maintain unreasonable weights while expending huge number of calories. What about figure skaters? Ballerinas?

I can’t imagine this emphasis on ‘thin’ leads to healthy relationships to food and body.

It’s really disturbing. But I don’t have much experience with this topic (being the good couch potato that I am.)

Does anyone know more about the topic – than I do? Has anyone been forced to lose weight for their career? I would really be interested to hear.


2 thoughts on “Making Weight; Athletes

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it means a lot.

    It’s funny how when I was suffering as an athlete I noticed traits among the younger females – wanting to be slimmer and overly strict diets and I would really help them not to focus on such things and I would take so much time and effort trying to teach them the ‘right way’ to be healthy as they were young developing females – perhaps trying to protect them from what I went through.

    As one of the older girls on the team with my name being shortened to ‘Len’ they often called me Len the Hen (as in mother hen) and I think I always wanted to prevent them going through what I did even though at the time no one knew.
    It’s funny how we can give advice to others and yet struggle to take it ourselves.
    Even now I still worry about some of my younger training partners who are still in sport.

    Glad to have started following your writing, looking forward to reading more 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you so much for writing!!! Great comment. How wonderful that you had the ability to take care of others, based on your own bad experience.

      It is horrifying what you went through. Sometimes when I see athletes, I wonder what they’ve suffered. I won’t watch things like boxing or hockey or football, because I can’t stand to watch people get hurt and often permanently damaged. But what about ballet? Figure skating? Or any other sport I don’t know about.

      I hope you continue to heal. I have to spend more time with your blog to see where you are at right now. I do know, tho, that full recovery is possible. And worth shooting for!!!!! Thanks again. Glad we have connected.

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