Eating With Normal People

After work, my friend, Linda, and I swung by our buddy Jean’s to drop off a present for Jean’s son, Linda’s godchild.

It was about 6;30 and Jean and her husband were grilling lamb chops and burgers. Linda’s eyes, the eyes of a naturally skinny and always hungry woman, opened wide.

“Come join us” said Jean (the most generous woman in America.)

“We have too much food”, called her equally wonderful husband, Will. “Please, help us.”

Well, you know me. I eat when I’m hungry, which isn’t really that often. Not honoring that throws me off. If i ate burgers and chops at 6;30 when I wasn’t hungry, it wouldn’t work terribly well.

Caveat – if these weren’t my dear, dear friends and it were a situation where it was actually rude to decline, I would have eaten. If I’d shown up at my new boyfriend’s mother’s house at 6;30 and she’d offered a big meal, I would definitely partake graciously. But I didn’t, happily, feel that need with great friends.

“No, thanks. I’m not hungry.”

“I AM”, called Linda from the bathroom

And so we sat down with Jean and Will in their lovely backyard, surrounded by flowers and a delightful breeze. I love their company – these too are naturally soothing

Linda and Jean and Will ate burgers and lamb chops and cherries and salad.
It all looked and smelled wonderful, but I wasn’t hungry. And I knew I’d eat later what I’d planned when I experienced genuine hunger. That’s how I roll. That’s how I stay honest. That’s what keeps compulsive eating and bulimia and even anorexia at bay. (Well, spiritual fitness comes first of course. But honoring my weirdness helps immensely.)

No, I’m not a spontaneous eater. And no, not everyone gets that. And yes, it can be uncomfortable. I do my best.

If only the world were more like me. 🙂

But it’s not.


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