Crackers and Rice

As per the symptoms of my double dose of antibiotics – nausea and wildly upset tummy:

Everyone tells me to eat crackers and rice. And, in fact, every time my stomach turns queasily, I want crackers.

Eating crackers and rice to calm the belly is what many normal people do. BUT it has nothing to do with hunger and eating to fuel the body. AND, I have NEVER considered myself normal when it comes to food. It would be like telling an alcoholic to put whiskey on a toothache. Not a particularly a great idea, usually.

So, it’s a quandary. Do I suffer, nauseously, in honor of my eating disaster (oops, Freudian slip. I meant ‘disorder’, of course) or do I calm my stomach with the old tried and true – crackers and rice?

I’m going with crackers. And I’ll be just fine.


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