To Embraceauthenticity; About your Comment

Embraceauthenticity; Thank you so much for writing. I very accidentally deleted your comment before I could respond on the blog.

I agree that we have to be clear with our plan. I need to be really honest about my relationship to food. It’s fuel. If I start eating when I’m not hungry, it becomes something else. And I’m not interested in that something else, that’s for sure!

Thanks again for writing!!!


5 thoughts on “To Embraceauthenticity; About your Comment

  1. Thank you so much for your words! I absolutely agree: As a struggling “mindless eater”, I’m striving to be accountable with asking myself “What am I REALLY craving? Is it comfort, need for distraction, numbing, release?” It’s a definite work in progress. Looking forward to continuing to follow your blog.


    1. It really is about what’s going on underneath! Is it hunger? Then it’s time to eat. But if it’s emotional, I need to deal with that stuff. I don’t tend to want to eat when I’m not hungry, but I’m often faced with other people wanting me to, for business or pleasure. My very normal friends and family can find me odd.


  2. I know people mean well, but no one really listens when I’m pretty clear. Some birthdays ago, when I was less comfortable than I am now, my friends insisted on throwing me a lunch party on the beach, even though I had specifically asked them not to do anything. I had dinner plans at a lovely restaurant, and didn’t want to eat a big lunch. And then they kept pushing me to eat. Funny, I made everyone unhappy because I didn’t want to stuff myself – and it was MY birthday. That particular group has learned to back off lol. Now, when my boss gets me a birthday cake after lunch, I eat it. Still, I do think people mean well. THEY like big meals and celebrating with food. They can’t quite wrap around that I don’t. THANKS FOR WRITING!!! Love your input


  3. Definitely part of our culture to celebrate with food-which is part of the problem! I’ve been trying to encourage other activities in order to spend quality time and celebrate-go for coffee, walk a new trail, try a new activity, etc, but you’re definitely right-not everyone is going to like that! I’m thankful that some are embracing where you are and what is best for you now. Some people take time to get onboard, just because what we do looks “different” than them. Keep doing your thing 🙂


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