More Mel Yelps

Tomorrow is the day I go to my intuitive eating workshop in NYC. I can’t wait and will report back.

I lived and worked in Manhattan for 15 years. Before that, I went to NYU. These days when I head to the city, I am a total tourist – like I’ve never been there before and it’s a big scarey place.

I have been stressing the commute for weeks. My friend, who’s coming with me, thinks I’m losing my mind. Almost every day, I email her a question – what time should we leave, how should we get there, where should we meet the Port Authority, which coffee shop, how long will it take us to walk 8 blocks?

So as not to be late, I will be boarding the bus a couple of hours prior to the workshop and will arrive in the city at least a good hour early.

I am quite the eager middle-aged Jersey tourist. (All my friends from my Manhattan days still live there. They’d hardly know me.)

If you’re wondering WHICH middle-aged tourist from Jersey I am, I’ll be the one clutching my purse.


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