Bad Body Thoughts

I’m thinking about doing a workshop on Freedom from Food Obsession – or something like that. I’m just in the beginning stages. I am so passionate about the topic, and wish I could help every person who suffers find peace and freedom.

SO, what stupid, ridiculous, evil thought came right into mind AND lodged itself there,


Because, after all, who would want ME as a role model, as I’m not exactly classically thin anymore? Who would take me seriously now? Who would want advice and guidance from ME?

Over the past few days, I’ve wasted way too much time contemplating this – how much weight exactly do I need to lose to seem viable? And how should I lose the weight? Milk instead of cream in my coffee? Smaller portions? Skip lunch? No eating at night?

AM I CRAZY?! (Well, yes. But that’s for another post.) What’s really sad is how old thoughts and beliefs have stayed embedded somewhere in my brain. Old beliefs die hard. Time to bury them for good!!!!!

SO, enough of that. I’m happy and healthy and free. I’m going to leave my body alone. And go plan my workshop! 🙂


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