Lesson Learned; What Really Matters

If you’ve been reading, you know I didn’t have my favorite day yesterday. Grumpy and down-trodden, I headed out to a 12 Step meeting. (And running late – I didn’t have time to wash my hair, apply make-up or change my clothes. So, I was disgruntled and rumpled. Lovely.)

Sitting right across from me at the meeting was a woman I hadn’t seen before. Turns out, she, Debbie, happens to be the founder of one of the most successful gym/work-out methods in New York City. She looked fantastic. Her skin glowed, her hair gleamed, her eyes sparkled and of course, her body rocked. Debbie drank water out of a pretty glass construction that resembled art. She and her equally beautiful husband both wore white – uncreased, unstained white clothes. Stunning. Also, they were both very nice and really friendly.

While watching her sip her lovely beverage, I realized I was shoving a cookie into my mouth. I felt frumpy, lumpy, dumpy, shlumpy and….unhealthy. Poor me.

Then, I looked around the room at all my dear friends. I realized that, other than Debbie, I had taken all the women in the room through the 12 Steps, and I love and respect each one of them. After the meeting, everyone hung around and chatted with me. We are a wonderful family. I am truly blessed.

Speaking of being blessed, my amazing niece and her kids (my grandniece and nephew!) are in town for two weeks. Yippee!!!! Can’t wait to hang with them starting tonight!!!

Soooo, I may not be particularly fit, and I certainly would never dare to wear white (!!!!). But I’m good 🙂


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