A World Where Weight Didn’t Matter

What would it be like if weight didn’t matter? What if each and every body type and size was just fine? Imagine if 300 and 130 pounds got the exact same response? What if nobody cared.

What would happen to the diet industry? Would it all collapse? Would Weight Watchers go out of business? Would diet soda disappear? Would scales become obsolete?

What would happen to the exercise industry? Would people work out as hard, run as far, lift as many weights – if every body size were truly equal? Who would get up the day after Thanksgiving and run to the gym?

What would become of the fashion industry? Would cocaine be less of an issue in Hollywood?

I’m sure there are many more repercussions than I can possibly imagine. Write me if you think of others.

In my humble opinion, I believe we’d all be much happier


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