Would There be Eating Disorders?

My friend and I were discussing the idea of a world where weight didn’t matter. She said, “Well, you’d have to find fashion designers who didn’t just want to dress skinny woman”.

But that’s the point – EVERYONE would know for a fact that weight didn’t matter and no one would care about it in the least.


So, I wonder of course, what would happen to eating disorders? Would they exist? That’s a real question. If weight didn’t matter, would there be anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating or any other food/weight related disorder?

What do you guys think?

I’ll write more in my next post. Just wanted to put the thought out there.


3 thoughts on “Would There be Eating Disorders?

  1. I personally think weight is the hyper-focus to some with EDs (when in reality I don’t think EDs have everything to do with weight). So, even if you took away the weight stuff, I think there’d still be eating disorders.


  2. You are right. Perhaps it would be helpful to some, if weight just didn’t matter to anybody. For me, I think my compulsive eating came from nature – i was born that way. The anorexia and bulimia came from shame – i was fat and desperate not to be. Thank you so much for writing! I love and truly value your comments.


    1. I think that’s true of most with eating disorders. Weight is just this other factor that can be focused on and a while back, some idiots decided that ‘weight’ should be a criteria for diagnosis, which only made it more of a focus. I honestly think it has very little to do with why there are EDs. People have been able to weigh themselves for a long, long time.


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