The Strange Allure of Weight Loss

A few years back, I had a horrible stomach virus that took forever to get out of my system. During that time, I lost about 6 pounds – I couldn’t eat but could really poop!

I know this sounds weird, but there was something relaxing about it. I was too nauseous to eat much of anything – it was freeing sort of to have absolutely NO interest in food whatsoever.

And there was no way I was going to gain weight, since nothing stayed in me anyway. I almost pretended I had a fast metabolism and was naturally thin. I felt skinny, light and sylphlike. I swear some part of me wished the virus would stay!

Maybe some readers are nodding along, understanding my thinking, even a little.

But it’s very sick thinking, isn’t it? Seeing weight loss as a silver lining of a terrible stomach virus. I was nauseous and cramping hard for days. I couldn’t miss work, so I sat nauseously and miserably at my desk every day of the virus, praying I wouldn’t have to run to the bathroom every few minutes

Have you heard people say they wished they were anorexic? I’ve heard many. I knew one woman who was thrilled to have picked up a parasite.

Really strange, if you stop and think about it. Really sick.

What is wrong with us?


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