Gossip – Don’t Blame the Woman

My friends and I are all sad that Anna Faris, 40, and Chris Pratt, 38, separated. I’ve been worrying about them since the gossip circulated that he and (26 year old)Jennifer Lawrence were very “close” while filming a movie.

I ALWAYS worry when a woman (Anna) is older than a man(Chris) in Hollywood, even by a minute. There’s so much temptation. Does a man EVER leave his wife for an older woman, particularly in celebrity world?

I AM annoyed, tho, that everyone – even my girlfriends – say they blame Jennifer Lawrence. HUH? Jennifer Lawrence is single. Chris Pratt is married. If the gossip is true, I blame HIM. I never, ever blame the other woman. He’s a grown man with a mind (and other parts) of his own. He’s the problem.

I never blamed Angelina Jolie, nor Marla Maples, nor Cindy McCain (all these women, by the way, were much, much younger than the first wives of the men they snagged.)

I have to admit – it really worries me that Jennifer Anniston is older than her current husband. Seriously. It does.

To sum it up, in these cases, let’s NOT cherchez la femme. Let’s put the blame squarely where it belongs. Testosterone.


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