Weird World

Such an odd world we’ve created for ourselves. A land where we need to work so many hours and make so much money, just to survive. A place where parents have to leave their children with strangers every day, because they can’t afford to stay home. It’s bizarre to me that we made this up.

Who came up with the stupid idea of money, anyway?

It’s an ever-changing world where my new device is nearly obsolete a few months after I buy it. (And yet I still don’t understand how to use it.)

A world where ageing is reviled, even though we’re all doing it. Makes no sense.

And, of course, a world where the physical body ideal is so difficult to achieve for most of us. And the struggle to achieve it can lead to all kinds of misery.

Another thing I’ve never understood is the idea of borders/ They seem so made-up. It’s God’s world/land – who are we to cut it up? And decide who can go where or not?

I also, but this gets political, don’t understand the death penalty. If killing is illegal, how can capital punishment be law? (I snuck this one in, because I always want to say this, at least once a day.)

I could go on and on about this difficult place we’ve made for us to live.

Why did we set this up?


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